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Hi there 👌 I'm Gabriel Iturra-Bocaz

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I am Gabriel, and I hold a Master's degree in Computer Science from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Chile. My thesis focused on the study and implementation of incremental text representations under the supervision of Professor Felipe Bravo-Marquez.

Currently, I am working as a Machine Learning Engineer at Replai SpA, a Chilean startup that seeks to revolutionize the way meta-search engines work in specific domains, including law and healthcare.

My research interests encompass Reinforcement Learning, Large Language Models and Natural Language Processing. In my leisure time, I engage in physical exercise, especially biking, and I satisfy my curiosity by exploring new subjects through books and videos

Research Areas

I specialize in the extraction of knowledge and information from unstructured data, with a focus on natural language text and streaming learning. My research interests encompass several interrelated fields in this domain.


  • Personal email: g.iturra.bocaz at
  • Work email: gabriel at

Other Profiles

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